Clearly the hazard was difficult to spot. Wading is still possible in some areas, but floating is easy and gives you the ability to reach all the working fish. WHY? He had a passion for multi-day trips, and first descents.

Early on the morning of July 2nd we hired a driver to take us 18 km.

High Levels – The river is swift and powerful, use extra caution at rapids and around bends. The Falling Springs River Gauge is located about 10 river miles upstream at the Smith Bridge river access point. Closed – No watercraft will be rented for safety reasons above 1600 CFS for any reason. If the river is low, your rafting trip might be more mellow and have less intense waves. Avoid being pushed into banks, obstacles, and trees.

Life jacket only. The others in the group followed, expecting to meet him at the bottom. The Tieton River is usually rafted from late August to early October, during the annual dam release. Fish can be caught on streamers and you need to find surface feeding fish along the banks and back eddies. You will start to find fish along the banks at this level. It took a long time to climb on the cliff walls above to get a good view of the rapid. The body was found washed up on a rock by fishermen, 60 KM below the accident site. Only rafts or inflatable kayaks, the river is swift, powerful, and muddy. If there’s a difference in current speed, it isn’t much. “It took three days to get to Chachapoyas from, . At this level look for fish out of the main current. The blue line shows the current water level while the red line shows the average level for this time of year. It is applicable only to a single river and not The line looked clean, so we fired it up. There is plenty of water to float and you can wade the river nearly everywhere. John shouted his description of the rapid.

2500+ cfs – At this level floating is possible and fishing can be good. Floating can mean a lot of dragging too.

1,800 - 2,400 CFS. Wading is really not possible, but floating the river can yield really nice fishing. Those thoughts diminished after arriving at more Class V-VI drops. His boat, paddle, and other gear were never found, suggesting some sort of underwater entrapment. The walls of the canyon rose over 1000 feet and were nearly vertical. Join AW and support river stewardship nationwide. The local police, the. Volume flow is the product of mean velocity and cross sectional area of the channel. When he did not appear, they searched the area before moving a short distance downstream to make camp. He paddled extensively throughout South America, exploring its rivers and canyons.

500 - 1,000 CFS. We spent the evening at the ruins and the following day returned to Chachapoyas to collect our gear and look for a ride to Mendoza. Water levels are also impacted by water flows from Cedar Creek and Falling Springs Creek below, as well as numerous other small creeks and streams that enter the Jackson River downstream of the Gathright Dam. The body was found washed up on a rock by fishermen, 60 KM below the accident site. The river was nestled in a tight limestone canyon, with walls rising up to 2000 feet.

They all point downstream and may rodeo you, but they will eventually let you go.

The fish will look for slower water in which to position themselves. The old channel of the river had been deeply eroded by years of flows around 800 CFS. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. Tired and distraught, Franz and I pushed on downstream looking for a place to camp. Starlight, PA 18461

The next day we headed for the ruins of Kuelap. he disappeared while running a big rapid on a first descent of the Rio Huallabamba in Peru.

The Authority expects to remain at 1,000 CFS for the foreseeable future.

Wading is not possible and is dangerous.

We arrived late in the evening on June 29th and stashed our boats in a hotel. The 20 foot dam at the put in was unrunnable in the normal location (right) so John Cramp and I scoped out the left side.

SOURCE: Bob Gedekoh, American Whitewater Journal; Patti Todd, John’s sister. Avoid being pushed into banks, obstacles, and trees. This was the last time I ever saw him. Dry fly action is limited.

Low Levels – Trips will take longer due to less current. Above Normal –  4.30ft 500 to 700 CFS, ideal paddling level, some rapids may be a little pushy! (570) 635-5880 The lower stretches can get warm on sunny days.

any use for comparing rivers…unless you know the detailed topography of the compared rivers.

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