Bringing together the best of both a small-college experience – with its close personal relationships –and a top-tier research university – with its cutting-edge research faculty – ASU’s New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences located at the beautiful West campus is nationally unique. They are aligned from north to south in the building with 11-foot separations between them to accommodate the equipment corridors that run east to west. Best craftsmanship I’ve seen; especially the concrete. The construction team worked with the end user for this space and researched a method of demagnetization called degaussing. Site plans call for the completion of the 220,000-sf Building C in 2006, followed by the completion of the 180,000-sf Building D a year later. Foursquare © 2020  Lovingly made in NYC, CHI, SEA & LA. Following the installation of the rebar and steel plates the construction team surveyed the area with the end user’s team to confirm that the area was in fact magnetically acceptable for their sensitive equipment. Early on in the process we were able to work collaboratively to achieve success that met the needs of the client, intent of the design and remained in line with the budget. "All of the future buildings will be linked visually and physically along this central organizational circulation spine.". McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. is an independent McCarthy Holdings company. Each piece of rebar was individually metered using a gauss meter and all “hot” or very magnetic rebar was removed from the install and or was degaussed. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, call ahead to verify hours, and remember to practice social distancing, If you walk along the bottom level there are all of these terrific, The Life Sciences Center houses extensive. Building A went from the planning stage to completion in 23 months and an 18-month schedule is under way for Building B. The shafts support the open wet lab bench areas to the east and the support labs to the west. The overall project cost for Building A, which consists of four floors and 172,000 square feet, was $73 million with construction costing approximately $52 million. The project team met with the owner and the new principle investigators occupying the space to understand what research requirements and modifications would be necessary in order to make the space fully functional for the incoming team. Life Sciences research facility with labs, offices, greenhouses, meeting space and other features. Upon completion, Biodesign Institute C will bring the total research square footage of the Biodesign complex to more than a half-million square feet. Following ASU’s green building standards, Biodesign Institute C will be designed to the highest levels of sustainability and will include an innovative HVAC system to limit its energy and environmental footprint. The white concrete used on the project’s magnificent 28-foot tall, sloping columns was so precise our teams invested the time and effort to use 18 mockups, each time based on comments and feedback from ASU, to reach the final process. The project finished on time and the building has several specialty researchers conducting very unique, groundbreaking research in the building. Adaptability and flexibility are achieved with movable casework, modular open office layouts, open labs featuring flexible lab planning modules that measure 11' by 33', an overhead rack system for cable management, and a large floor plate area to maximize interaction. Traditionally a one-mile long device costing $1 billion, the laser at Biodesign C is $25 million despite being not much larger than the size of a dining room table. Design charrettes were held that were accompanied with real-time estimating provided by the McCarthy team, as well as schedule modifications necessary in order to keep the project on schedule and within the budget. A small exterior mockup was built on site using building materials, then subjected to worst-case scenarios of wind, water and smoke to allow testing for deficiencies and ensuring energy efficiency. © Copyright Tradeline, Inc. 2020. The building also houses a variety of devices, including biosensors that can record important biomarkers such as blood glucose, microfluidic equipment that can display small-volume chemical reactions on a chip, and DNA microarrays to analyze gene expression. Routing ductwork and piping are minimized in the bays used for nanosciences. Construction of Building A, the first of four facilities to be completed as part of the new Institute, began in February 2003 and was completed in November 2004. As an example, to accommodate a research group with highly specialized needs, the third floor of the facility faced significant changes during construction. The X-Factor — ASU Biodesign C Project Team Successfully Plans and Constructs a Research Facility with Unidentified End Users – Here’s How Arizona State University Hires, Inspires ContractorsHigher Education and Project of the Year ASU Biodesign C Arizona State University Biodesign Institute C Research Building CompletesJudges Pick Winners of ENR’s Best of the Best Projects Competition, Higher Education/ResearchASU Biodesign Institute CEngineering News-Record Southwest, ASU Biodesign Institute CThe American Institute of Architects, ASU Biodesign Institute CArizona Division of Occupational Safety & Health. The design was modeled after state-of-the-art research complexes like the J. Craig Venter Institute in La Jolla, Calif., which was also built by McCarthy. Experience what a liberal arts education from New College at the West campus truly means. "We wanted to create a world-class facility with the adaptability and flexibility for use and change over time by using flexible furniture and ubiquitous utilities.". It took a large amount of intricate concrete work with slab foundations in the basement of up to 6 feet thick. Accommodating these changes and holding down costs is critical.". The expenses include utilities, equipment maintenance and repair, custodial service, building service personnel costs, and facilities management administration costs. View OHSU Knight Cancer Research Building. Since much of the research will be conducted at the nanoscale level, a contingent of highly sophisticated and sensitive equipment must be accommodated.". "The disciplines in this building are extremely varied, ranging from biology and nanotechnology to computational chemistry, and animal research," says Cole. It is also a LEED Platinum building and the most energy efficient research lab on campus. The building’s fifth floor is designed to accommodate Arizona’s growing success in the area of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia research, and is envisioned to ultimately house one of the largest teams of Alzheimer’s researchers in the nation. Companies, general contractors and job sites that are awarded the STAR designation demonstrate exemplary and comprehensive safety and health management systems. Building A, the first of four facilities to be constructed as part of Arizona State University's new Biodesign Institute, features four floors, 172,000 square feet, and plenty of natural lighting. "Lab facilities house sophisticated high-tech research for bioengineering, biotechnology, and integrative medicine. The state has not provided funds to the University since 1982. All of the buildings are being planned with the same guiding principles and will reflect the University's motto of "connecting today's insights to tomorrow's innovations.". One of the facility’s most distinguishing attributes is its expansive glass facade, making it an iconic structure in Atlanta, both visually and academically. The laser is also protected by a 4-foot thick, 36,000-pound lead-shielded door to help reduce magnetic fields and contain the energy from the laser beam. Ed SolteroASU Assistant Vice President and University Architect. Additionally, the team degaussed the eight inches of steel plate that was added at the headwall of the vault required for radiation protection. Questions or Comments? People tend to check in during these times: Make sure your information is up to date. The annual operating and maintenance budget necessary for Building A is expected to be more than $1.6 million, while the yearly O&M costs for Building B could climb to more than $2 million. The best concrete I have seen in my entire life is the project at ASU currently near completion. Strategic location of the vertical shafts providing access to utilities and mechanical systems easily accommodates changes in lab configurations. This team-focused, collaborative effort was the key to the project team’s success during design! The facility will house about 300 people working on four levels. Research scientists request that EMI be kept at very low levels of 0.1 to 0.2 milligauss. Emphasis has been placed on a standard grounding system for the building. Another was determining how to create a flexible and adaptable space that fulfilled the needs of future researchers in terms of space, utilities, and configuration. Examples of the sensitive equipment include scanning probe microscopes, high-powered electron microscopes, and optical labs where the extensive use of lasers takes place.

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