FEATURED ARTIST! Traditional & Modern music. More recently Robert has started to compete in the CLASP competition run by the National Piping Centre in Glasgow. I am currently serving my second year as the Pipe Major of the Prince Charles Pipe Band of San Francisco. Including weddings, funerals, birthday parties, corporate functions, rock concerts and more. Get in touch today, and let’s discuss your special occasion.” (Malcolm), Scottish Bagpiper- for Stafford & Rugeley, Traditional Bagpiper- for Barnsley & Doncaster, Bagpiper for Weddings- in Poulton-le-Fylde. If you are looking for a bagpiper for hire to entertain at your wedding, please, A recording taken from ITV news for the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1. Get your 6/8 marches under control! Request Free Quotes! Malcolm will travel nationwide on request. Michigan’s most popular, Scottish and Irish wedding and funeral bagpiper for hire. Lancashire, Merseyside, Yorkshire, Cheshire, Cumbria & Lake District. April 2, 2020. He was originally a member of St Andrews Pipe Band in Cheltenham. I have 30 years continuous experience playing to a high standard with pipe bands in Scotland and England. He later joined the Royal Marines where he accompanied the Royal Marines Band Service on several occasions around the world. Namely VE75 and WW1 Centenary. Specializing in fun, unique entertaining tunes, as well as traditional Scottish and Irish bagpipe tunes. We aim to respond to all enquiries quickly and efficiently . A professional bagpiper is appropriate for any type of funeral, memorial, cemetery service or military service. Highland bagpipe music for all occasions. He can travel all over the UK, and has played abroad on several occasions. Look no further. Ceremony, Reception & Full Day packages available. Traditional Bagpipes for Weddings, Funerals, Entertainment & Events. Contact: 07887 608217 email@malcolmmusic.org Scottish Bagpiper for Hire- Malcolm Smith # 13494 R K Bagpipes Texas Bagpipers. Bagpiper for Hire in North West England. Traditional Bagpipes for Weddings, Funerals, Entertainment & Events. Of course, no St. Patrick's Day celebration is complete without a rousing bagpiper. Head over and subscribe! Hire a specialist wedding bagpipe musician! Clean Your Pipes! Serving most of Michigan and northern Ohio. Command Your Bagpipe series on YouTube! Fill out the booking form and I’ll respond as soon as possible to your request with availability and pricing. Michigan’s most popular, Scottish and Irish wedding and funeral bagpiper for hire. Bagpipes for your wedding will further enhance your memorable occasion. Serving most of Michigan and northern Ohio. Hire Matt for your Event! Bring a lively addition to your Birthday, Anniversary or Engagement party! I provide outstanding solo piping and Scottish programs for events such as; weddings, funerals and memorials, celebrations, dedications, commencements, Military events, school events, library and senior center events. Reliable, affordable, quality service, 7 days a week. All Posts News. Please get in touch to request a quotation, and add a talented bagpipe musician to your occasion. Robert has represented the military in numerous televised (BBC & ITV) Rememberance services. New Year’s Eve, Robert Burns Night, St. Andrew’s Day- with Scottish bagpipes. Based in the South West of England available for hire in London, the Midlands & South Wales. Piper in Celtic Life Magazine! I’ve also performed at international military tattoos, concerts and parades throughout Europe. Finalist for The Big Rab Show Awards! Copyright © 2020. Based in Gloucestershire he regularly covers Cheltenham, Stroud, Bristol, Bath and Birmingham. I grew up in Glasgow and started learning the pipes at 11 years old. Live music for your wedding. Kim Johnson is a professional bagpiper serving southeast Michigan and Ohio. October 6, 2020. Bristol Cathedral, November 11th 2018, Bagpiper for Hire - Bagpiper Wedding - Bagpiper Funeral. We always aim to provide quotes from those closest to your event. As a solo musician I have provided bagpipe music for hundreds of events. Global Directory of Professional bagpipers! Extensive choice of appropriate music available. Then moved to the north of England in my early 20s. Individual requests are delivered exactly. All rights reserved by Michigan Bagpiper. Lancashire, Merseyside, Yorkshire, Cheshire, Cumbria & Lake District. Click to read full article! Bagpiper Wedding - Bagpiper Funeral - Bagpiper near me? Malcolm Smith performs the bagpipes for weddings & funerals each week throughout Lancashire, Cumbria, Yorkshire, Cheshire, Merseyside, Liverpool, Manchester, North Wales, Staffordshire and The Lake District. bagpiper.net find a bagpiper near you: hire bagpipers! The sound of a bagpipe has a certain magic and nostalgia to it. Kim Motgomery Johnson -- wife, mother, and professional bagpiper in Michigan and Ohio. Read More. Designs by, Pipe Sergeant and manager of the medal winning pipe band- Motor City Pipes and Drums, Favorite bagpiper of the families and staff at Great Lakes National Cemetery, Preferred bagpiper by many of the popular wedding venues, cemeteries and funeral homes in SE Michigan and Ohio, Official piper for Bowling Green State University, Experienced in piping for destination weddings in the Dominican Republic, Skilled, award winning piper with great sounding bagpipes, Highly experienced, providing piping for 250-300 events a year, An entertaining solo Scottish program- perfect for schools, clubs, libraries and senior centers, Depending on availability- several pipers and drummers can be hired, as well as a full bagpipe band, Contact information available for Scottish and Irish dance groups for an event, Private and group bagpipe lessons available with Motor City Pipes and Drums, A softer volume bagpipe is available for events in smaller event rooms and private homes, Full Highland Regalia included- 3 different beautiful tartan options available; Dress McKenzie (white/green/blue) Johnston (green/blue) Earl of St. Andrews (blue/white). Bagpiper Wedding Bagpiper Funeral Bagpiper Funeral Gloucester Royale Piper-Bagpiper for hire near me for music at weddings, funerals, burns nights and corporate events. A festive Irish or Scottish event is made that much better with the sounds of the Scottish Highlands! “I’m a professional Scottish Bagpiper for hire. March 13, 2020. Each occasion is unique. Reliable, affordable, quality service, 7 days a week. Specializing in fun, unique entertaining tunes, as well as traditional Scottish and Irish bagpipe tunes. Vote now! Once a booking has been confirmed the piper will contact you to discuss your requirements and answer any questions. Fun and entertaining Scottish themed music presentation is perfect for schools, senior centers, libraries and multi-ethnic event. I am a well accomplished piper and have competed in venues held in the western United States as well as the World Bagpipe Championships in Glasgow Green, Scotland. Bagpipes from Troy, MI – Will travel up to 100 miles. Robert has been learning the bagpipes at the age of 7 when his Grandfather started to teach him. I have competed with pipe bands at the elite Grade 1 & Grade 2 levels. Scottish Bagpiper : Malcolm Smith. If you are seeking a professional bagpiper for hire in the San Francisco Bay Area and anywhere else in Northern California, we invite you to call Fred Payne Champion Bagpiper at: 510-926-9579. Hire a bagpiper for your special occasion and experience the difference. Bagpipers available for wakes weddings and special events post their contact information here. UK Bagpiper Hire We have bagpipers and pipe bands based all over the UK. Funeral bagpipes provide a traditional & fitting tribute. He is currently the Grade 3 End of Season Competition winner, and the World Piping Live 2020 overall winner. A bagpiper will add an incredible memory to your special day- no matter where it is! Read more! As a professional bagpiper for hire, I provide Scottish, Irish and Celtic bagpipe music for all occasions. A bagpiper in full Highland Regalia is perfect for any inside or outdoor wedding venue. Live bagpipe music for corporate events & celebrations. Bagpipers Near You. He will also be featured in a major Hollywood film due to be released this year (details restricted from publishing at the moment).

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