Or better still, grab a mug of hot cocoa with marshmallows on top and just dig into your book.

Things have a funny way of working themselves out. While a good friend would want to help you and tell you about body odor or bad breath, new friends won't do this because they don't want to offend you. You may not have been born from a boom box, but that doesn’t mean you stop dancing, especially dancing to the beat of your own drum. Travelling with friends and posting those #squadgoals on social media is well and good. Want to go to the beach in the middle of winter? Oh the joys that come when you have to explain to a person why you have no friends, or few friends, and why it is so hard for you to socialize. This means it's up to you to take a look at your personal hygiene and see if there might be a problem. At the beginning of the semester, I would find myself going a few days without using my voice because everything was new and intimidating. The beauty of going to the movies by yourself is getting to watch without all the side comments and accidental spoilers from other people, a.k.a. When it was over, I failed to find a job because I have no experience, no people skills and was noticeably incredibly nervous during my interviews. Actually, no friends is a bit of an exaggeration. Most Redditors do not reveal their identity. I keep in touch with a few people from high school, but the closest one is an hour and a half away and my girlfriend, who always stand by me, is an hour away back in my hometown. Can we count my dog too? Sometimes it’s due to mauerbauertraurigkeit.

There have been short periods of my life where I have made lots of friends, usually when drunk, yet none of these friendships lasted. Not having to care about how other people perceive you can be a liberating feeling. I’m pretty sure if I died not many people would notice, as sad as that sounds, this is how little I am checked on or seen by people in my real life. Signs That It’s Best to Renew Your Car Lease, Motorcycle Accidents: What You Need To Do If You Find Yourself in One, 4 Ways People Triumph Over Their Stressors And Remain Calm Under Pressure, ADHD: How It Aggravates Anger In Children, 4 Questions To Ask When Planning Your Marketing Campaign, 5 Easy Tips To Help You Sleep Better At Night, 21 Best Weekend Jobs That Pay Well To Make Extra Money, Stickermania: 114 Companies and Organizations That Will Mail Free Stickers to You, Instagram Addicts: Best Instagram Captions & Quotes for Your Selfies, 64 Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes & Quotes from Husband to Wife.

Still, on top of school, work and my internship, I try to find time to read and write for personal projects, such as NaNo. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});Spending so much of my time alone has taught me a few things about living with myself, which is important because, well, you are the one person you get to spend the rest of your life with, so you might as well get used to yourself.

I never get texts outside from family and only a message once in a while from that one friend. It makes me feel so immature to let it bother me because I feel like there seriously has to be a problem with me, like I am a built-in person repeller. It can make you focus more on how you can feel better.

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