And here is a view from the inside of the back panel. Add the 2 1/4 “ piece of plywood onto the end. If you do that, I suggest putting a 1×3 24” wide behind it to keep the top from getting broken (I didn’t do this at first and part of it got broken right away). Needless to say, we figured it couldn’t be too hard to figure out how to design our own version, and started looking on the web for inspiration. This is the nicest part of the castle, the most important part and the easiest to build. I wanted to leave the sides of the slide open as much as possible. So, now that we have a TON of ideas, and a good idea in what direction we are going let’s get started! 2 – 3/4″ Plywood 11.25″ x 24.5″ (Lower Stairs) Now, to put it together I placed the torsion box on its side, screwed the castle wall in place, screwed the back 2x3 leg in place and my wife helped me to twist it upright. See picture of my finished project. I love being creative in any form that it takes (writing, painting, DIY, food, etc), and find a hard time sitting still. Because sometimes I forget, cause you know.....oh well... Why do I place the shelves BEFORE I finish making the "box"? All Rights Reserved. Castle loft bed. I drew a straight line between these two marks and cut with my jigsaw. 8.) So submit your projects! More About Us…. Finish up by placing the last side in place, glue and screw. 10” (measure to get exactly how deep you want these to be). 2- 2 x 2 at 8′ I did it again, because, you know….. oh well…. Don't rush and have the wood paneling removed, though, if you are residing in an outdated house. We like them, maybe you were too. With the leftover pieces we ripped them to 38″ and cut the pieces to a total of 79″. Next, the slide. Take the piece 15 ¾” by 13” for the platform and attach to the supports. Once you have all the pieces cut up, it's time to start assembly, Glue is great, it keeps everything nice and together... and it also gets smeared on everything, has the bad habit of drying BEFORE you finish getting everything in place and you always place it at least five times during a build on the wrong side of the piece, because you know…..oh well…. Finally, put all the sides together and attach. A second pair of hands definitely helps on this step! so it would be easy to remove one day to "de-castle" the ladder. Cut 1x4s to the following legths: four at 10 3/4”, one at 12 1/2”, and one at 19 ½”. I drew a line straight down for 23”, then drew a line from this point to the front of the slide and made two straight cuts. If you plan on going down the slide a lot yourself, you may want to make the slide wider. Save the cut corner, that's your window ledge. However, today I’m going to be working with items that anyone can find at their local and favorite home improvement store. 2 – 1×2 at 12.25″ (Lower slide platform support) Assessment expertise- a talented kitchen designer ought to be ready to evaluate the client's price range, specifications and more importantly the lifestyle. These products of Girls Castle Loft Bed are the best-selling of all time, More importantly, Please check price & read review before buy. I’m including the model I made that was my “3D blueprint”. margin: auto; This will be the bottom support for the slide. If you are trying to stage your home for sale out there, then this can be an efficient solution to generate a much larger sales worth. on Introduction. 56 (approx) – 1×2 at 11.5 (Railings) These were then attached to the bedrails with 1 1/4″ wood screws. Here is a link: I have to admit… I’m pretty excited how well this loft bed turned out! I used some children safe, water soluble, washable 100% latex paint. So, first on the list is the version that our friends used. margin-top: 10px; Now, I glued and screwed a small triangle piece of scrap (more on how I made it up ahead) as the window ledge. Its fun and adds a second exit point. 11.) Attach all the slats to the bed. The information from each image that we get, including set size and resolution. As you can see form the pics, I made some cool "battlements" for the top of the wall. Attach to the 2x2s. Make sure to turn off followers and to open home windows to make sure good ventilation. In fact, everybody already is aware of that such rooms aren't only low cost but are also pretend. Please review Disclaimer and Terms of Service, Concealed Hinges Made Easy! I made the simple "moulding" by cutting the corner of a large piece of 2x3. I wanted to do something over the rails in the front. Since the railing against the wall supports the mattress, I then used bolts to attach the top railing to studs in the wall.

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