Find your dream cheongsam with our style quiz and get $10 off ->. The empty aroma cup is then lifted and held under one’s nose to take in the aromatic fragrance of the tea. With the remainder, the closed teapot is poured over then once more. Whether you’re looking for high-end labels or cheap, economy bulk purchases, we guarantee that it’s here on AliExpress. Often, simply the tea package itself is placed instead. Using the tea tongs is not only a method that requires much skill and practice, its exercise will most probably at times produce shards… the tea needle is for clearing the teapot’s muzzle of possible stuck tea leaves. !You’re in the right place for chinese tea ceremony decorations. They are combined based on availability, tea specimen and individual preference, whereas apart from the basic action of pouring hot water on tea leaves and drinking the tea after some infusion time, the single steps of the ceremony as well as the choice of accessories used in it can be omitted, added or even changed in sequence. While you're here, stock up on supplies for your wedding tea ceremony as well. The purpose of the tea sieve is obvious: although many tea lovers have no problem with small parts of tea leaves swimming in their tea cup or might even consider this an integral part, others will prefer their tea clear and free of leave residues. the tools and facilities available, the situational context and the actual predominating mood. Many tea drinkers preferably use a glass pot as their serving pot, due to the benefit of the clear visibility of the tea liquor and its color. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Just before you click ‘buy now’ in the transaction process, take a moment to check for coupons – and you’ll save even more. In the following, we’d like to introduce these tools and illuminate their respective functions and roles. There is no rule for our selection of which one th chouse for ourselves, when, and for which tea. Chinese wedding favors are a great way to celebrate your culture with all your loved ones. In the Chinese tea ceremony, the second infusion is considered the “infusion of the good taste”. On AliExpress, great quality, price and service comes as standard – every time. Of course, also this is not a must. As we have seen, not only the preparation of tea in everyday life, but also the Chinese Tea Ceremony can assume a broad variety of forms, each of which consisting of its own purposeful combination and sequence of different elements and instruments out of a rich treasure of available options. Then, the drinking cups are put upside down over the scent cups and the newly established unity of scent and degustation cup served to the attendees. The tea tongs serve for grasping, lifting and moving of the small drinking and snifter cups and also the teapot’s cover, since these parts can heat up through the hot water in a way that doesn’t allow for touching with the bare fingers anymore. This can be done by hand, but it will be more elegant to use the tea scoop or the tea funnel. We sell all tea types that is single origin Green tea, Oolong tea, Puerh tea, White tea, Black tea, Jasmine tea, Flowering Tea, Dark tea. The tea leaves are poured over with hot water directly in the Gaiwan, which is then, after infusion, used to drink the tea from as well. Most manufacturers provide relevant recommendations on their packages, but these are not to be mistaken as dogmas, but rather as a starting point for the exploration of one’s own preference. The tea ceremony usually does not simply aim at a mere drinking, but rather a savouring of tea, which regualarly involves the degustation of several infusions of a tea or sometimes even more than one tea. For instance, white porcelain tea set is more often used for brewing and drinking green tea, and purple sand set is for red tea. However it has proven a valuable tool with herbal or fruit teas such as Jiaogulan or Safflower tea in our household. You not only prepare the place of the performance, (clean table/area, free of disturbing objects), place your tea boat and organize all needed items and instruments on and around the same, but during these procedures already adopt the appropriate attitude and by irradiating the same create the intended mood and harmony in your environment. The glass pot/device shown to the right in the picture is once again an “idler” for the simplified tea preparation. These utensils are often accommodated as a set in a utensil holder being placed near the tea boat/tea table. In China, this infusion is referred to as the “washing of the tea”, or sometimes as the “infusion for the enemy”. The tea lover referred to in above statement, who will leave his/her first infusion for 2 minutes or more, will naturally hardly obtain more than 3-5 infusions out of his/her Oolong tea, while the tea master will achieve more than 10 infusions with the same tea, each of which will have its very own characteristics. However, a glass pot doesn not only show the color of the tea clearly, it also represents an aesthetical enrichment of the ceremony. Using the tea tongs at this requires much skill and practice. Let us now turn to the actual course and the practical aspects of the tea ceremony: Not depending on whether you simply prepare tea in an everyday setting tea or pursue the higher ambition of learning the tea ceremony, a good preparation is not only an essential prerequisite for the smooth flow of the preparation/ceremony, but rather already an integral component thereof. Tea Import & Distribution A similarly suitable descriptive concept, from another perspective, would be that of the three Taoist elements sky-human-earth. What all ‘correct’ types of tea preparation have in common is that achieving the goal, namely the preparation of an  optimal, delicious tea, the flow harmony of the whole procedure and finally the creation of the perfect moment, is in the focus of the actor’s attention. The tea scoop is used to portion the tea leaves, often available in rolled form, from the arrangement bowl into the tea pot. Purpose of the tea ceremony is to achieve the best possible taste of the tea, the realization of the highest possible degree of beauty in the ritual’s arrangement, and a social or individual situation of utmost harmony, in other words: the perfect moment in space and time. 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