It sounds beautiful and is loved by many. I am not here to attack you or the trumpet, but I would like you to be open minded and realize how irrelevant and ignorant this whole post is. 1. Or move my slide and lip up to go to the next note. All instruments are hard to play. The trumpet play is limited to only three and is expected to be able to play the same notes. Why are people scared of playing the trumpet? Trumpet players again are expected to play in tune. Two reasons made me quit. Pops make everything sound easy. Another possibility is to check with your local music store on their rental programs. It sounds beautiful and is loved by many.

. your instrument requires minimum care. 5. Now, before you go ahead and say that the saxophone is extremely easy, let me remind you that it is only easy at the beginning; once you have been playing for a while, it starts to get harder, and the learning curve increases. I think its important to know your limits when your playing and not try to hit the highest notes before you have warmed up. … You just denounced the bassoon. True, unless you are playing a show like the one I’m doing now which requires a mute “change in a two beat period”. Have you ever heard a snare drummer complain for not being able to see his/her music? 4. Have you seen anything like it in your travels? Do some research on instruments, not only the bassoon. This is also common with oboe and young flute players. Franz Biebl I have owned and performed on tenor sax and have been lucky enough only to have listened to an oboe when tuning in an orchestra.I agree with many of your remarks and still hold with my original premise. Yes, the player of a bassoon is expected to sound good but unfortunately most bassoon players are too busy complaining that their reed (which they make themselves) doesn’t work right. It may seem like that- but that’s only to get a sound. I would like to actually think about this question instead of coming up with a cliche attack just to make your point sound valid. Trumpet players get more tired than most other instrumentalist. I play trumpet and love it….Im in marching band and yes it is quite a hassle. I know as I’ve been playing for 20 years. If we trumpet players have a split lip, we play anyway. Unlike the Bassoon, which plays notes that only Canada geese can hear, the trumpet is expected to play every note the way it was intended. Kudos to you sir, and keep in touch. Ives wrote this work around 1908 along with “Central Park In The Dark” but neither of the pieces was really known until after Ives had died. I am not saying that you are not a master of the horn for I have not heard you, but if you would like to come to Branson and have a session with me, I would be more than happy to take a lesson from a real “master” of the instrument. Trumpet has 3 valves. Rimsky-Korsako.. Ask the troublesome ones this question when there are several people within hearing range- “Do you really like the sound you are getting”? For these reasons I beg everyone to cut the next trumpet player some slack for you may be called to play trumpet and you would find it extremely difficult as we have found it to play.. Bruce was a member of the faculty at the University of Northern Iowa, School of Music in Cedar Falls from 1969 until his retirement in 1999. Complaining about having the melody and making mistakes instead of fixing them is utterly useless. A C, D, and E all have the same fingering, which can often be mistaken for each other. But that is for all brass instruments. His works are characterised by colourful harmonies, wonderful sequences and richly memorable melodies. You sir, had better check your facts: And then if we don’t have our hands in the right spot on our bells, then we may still end up sounding flat or sharp.

Bassoon is the hardest and makes the trumpet look as easy as the recorder.

We end up putting out sound sideways. This was a great post and all the comments from offended musicians and your earnest replies make it all the more hilarious! The environment in which trumpet players perform is very dangerous for by the end of a concert or rehearsal, the chance of slipping on all the condensation around them is greater than most people realize.

He has performed with many well-known entertainers such as Bob Hope, Jim Nabors, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme, Anita Bryant, Carman Cavalara, Victor Borgie, the Four Freshman, Blackstone the Magician, Bobby Vinton and John Davidson. He possessed a 24K sound that made him one of the most sought after trumpet players.

Proof read all documents before publicizing them. When trumpet players are expected to perform with mutes, it demands much more preparation than the other instruments. I really don’t know. 1: at the age of 12 or 13 I didn’t realize the importance learning an instrument like the piano and 2: piano was easy at the beginning especially within the first year but got extremely hard real fast. Everyone knows about Puccini's operatic music, and I just love these song transcriptions. If you’43 dealing with lightheadedness, then I’d probably recommend making sure you’re drinking enough water before playing. There's just something about it - I've spoken to other instrumentalists, not just trumpet players, and I really think that this is the best solo concerto that Haydn wrote.

The Last Post was literally the notice that the last sentry post had been checked and it was safe to sleep. 7. It is a haunting sound that is often heard on Remembrance Sunday, played as a mark of respect for the dead of war. This is some really interesting insight about the trumpet and hoe difficult it is to play. 14. But musically, what a melody.

All of the contention about whose instrument is the most difficult to play reminds me of a movement some years ago in European orchestras to have the members paid based upon how many notes they play. It Would be nice to just hit a button and adjust my lips to get a desired tone. Thanks so much for writing! Remember that the double reeds are always delegated to a secondary role in a band. Among all the brass instruments though I’d argue the French horn is most likely the hardest to play well because the tone is harder to control than that of a trumpet due to the length of the pipe and the smaller rim of the mouthpiece, (I’ve tried playing my friend’s horn in high school, and I couldn’t produce the mellow and round tone intented for it because I’m too used to using my lips for the trumpet mouthpiece)however, the trumpet will almost always have harder music. When trumpet players are expected to perform with mutes, it demands much more preparation than the other instruments.

It’s a table with only three legs! The focus of this article is to have the opportunity to single out some of the most heartfelt and sad pieces of music composed for the trumpet. Three valves is awesome! Bernie’s tune – Gerry Mulligan. Does any prior knowledge help (like playing piano and singing) help when trying to learn the trumpet? By the time of the First World War, the last Post had become synonymous with a final call to mark the passing of the dead. Can’t we just all agree that every instrument has its pros and cons and that if they’re played well, all sound beautiful in their own way? If you experiance discomfort on your lip when you play, it has to be an excessive mouthpiece pressure problem and I strongly encourage you to read the following posts; at once! Thank you for your time and not-so-consideration.

Some of these works will be familiar to you, but equally, I hope some show the trumpet in a new and exciting light to you. Musicians Fight Against The Wuhan Virus- Part 4, Musicians Fight Against The Wuhan Virus- Part 3, Musicians Fight Against The Wuhan Virus- Part 2, I Think We All Can Use An Escape- Let’s hear it for the “Mnozil Brass”, How Old Should Your Child Be When Starting To Play A Brass Instrument? Its music was first … Your comment brought me back to my double reed class and as I remember, once you got a good reed, all you had to do was pucker and blow. There's a beautiful beginning, an outburst in the middle with a lot of notes, and then it just calms down again afterwards. It's actually very hard to play this piece, it requires a lot of stamina and focus. Other band members tend to laugh at sour notes….if only they could see how hard it is, then they might understand. A lot of you kids are taking this post too seriously I feel. The trumpet is popular because it is EASY. There is hope for us in the world! Although I’m not positive this is the solution, I really think it may help a bit. Trumpet is not a “high octave” instrument-,,, So, in the orchestra (not fanfare), no matter how good you play trumpet, you’ll never be a concert master .


I have been playing trumpet for over 65 years, taught trumpet for at least 50 years, performed with over one-hundred of the best entertainers around the country, performed twice on the International Trumpet Guild Festival of Trumpets concerts, fronted my own band on international jazz concerts, made dozens of recordings and jingles, have taught several of the best trumpet players and trumpet teachers in the country as well as performrd possibly thousands of concerts and even after this, I would not consider myself a “master of the trumpet”. Chess and trumpet. As a long time tenor saxophonist, I can definitely agree that quieter or less pronounced instruments, specifically those that play the harmony, are a little easier because they aren’t heard quite as much. You get the melody a lot because of your pitch and octave, and you’ll find most high-octave instruments frequently get the melody.

And most horns, instead of having a nice spit valve like most brass, get to figure out which side of the instrument it’s on, then figure out if that’s the only place with spit. You will change your mind very quickly. I remember the first time I tried to play my friend’s trombone and couldn’t make any sound because I had no idea that I had to use my lips. As for woodwinds it’s a totally different story and is very hard to compare. Your description of your teacher is something you need to share with him/her at once. As a trumpet player, I personally think that trumpet is way easier than trombone and my band teachers thought trumpet was much easier than saxophone. We also have to deal with intonation, but instead of one tuning slide, we have 8. We also have three keys to choose from in most cases.

I think it all depends on my mood and attitude – sometimes I even think the thing can sense my mood ! Slowly the dissonance builds as woodwind interjections grow ever more furious and distracting but the question remains unanswered. And speaking of other singers. Orchestral Musicians Bring Whales To Surface – This Will Take Your... Elgar’s Nimrod Vocal Performance Will Make You So Emotional. Because the trumpet in a orchestra as the lead guitar in a rock band if a guitarist messes up a solo everyone knows it same for a trumpet player. It is not hard to learn, people. Many lead players do have an attitude problem, bot the good ones though! They all require hard work and practice (except for no brainers maybe, like cow bell, but that still requires beat keeping), Every instrument is different and has pros and cons. Other musicians wouldn’t be relaxing, but rather fixing whatever they can as well, to make whatever they play, even if its a minimal part in the background, as perfect as possible.

Trumpet is a “funny” instrument. 2. If you want to learn an instrument for your own enjoyment, which means playing by yourself for yourself, I would recommend a used fluglehorn. One more thing, I would like to encourage you to continue with your instrument for you have the perfect temperament to be an outstanding lead trumpet player. I honestly have to disagree. 1. I love playing trumpet but I dont complain about it or diss other instruments. It was very hard to get my lips right and it hurt. Interestingly enough, flute requires A LOT more air then trumpet when youre playing. If you are having issues with fellow band members, try this……..

The fingering of a trumpet is very complex. 7. nothing here about wanting to pass out from lightheadedness. Grow up.

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