However, when displaying your wares for a discerning jury, consider mixing it up to capture their attention. Make a model, take some well-lit photographs, and then add further details using your software of choice; this results in images with an added element of texture and materiality that will give your presentation an unusual edge. Gerard Daws of Plan A Consultants shares his top tips. If you incorporate too many ideas of other people, the project might end up being a patchwork, attempting to marry vastly different concepts or a collage of different outlooks on the main theme. Asking a friend or colleague to look at your submission boards will help you make sure that they are being perceived how you want them to be. With teams typically limited to four members, it’s imperative that each person be able to contribute in an equally-valued way. House of Hungarian Music– Sou Fujimoto Architects- Image Courtesy: Varosliget Zrt, Fotomuzeum Budapest and the Hungarian Museum of Architecture– Középülettervező Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság. As design managers, we regularly support architects on competition entries. Forgotten by design: the in-between spaces of council estates, What the next generation of hospitals must learn from office design. This text is more a case study than a proper guide but there are couple of things we think are worth considering when you set out to develop your own competition entry. We use cookies to personalize and improve your experience on our site. If you started with a strong concept, it’s best to keep it simple, so it comes through as clearly as possible. Enjoy this article? While great design and a relevant track record are key ingredients to success, strategic and management factors must not be overlooked. ArchDaily. Once you’ve worked out which competition is right for you, begin with a forensic analysis of the brief: if the project’s location and program are specified, investigate them with the same rigor as your best “real-world” commissions. There exist a plethora of what Leavitt scathingly referred to as “fake” competitions, otherwise known as “ideas” competitions. Simply, don’t be the guy who is interested in the parametric design and coding, and then you go for an urban design competition, this is a complete different field! A great way to accomplish this is with a central “killer” image that will ensure your entry jumps out from the others; my personal preference is for either a) a dramatic, wide-angle CGI perspective, or b) a beautifully detailed section drawing. Everything else, your thinking process, research, sketches, study models, although equally important, are hardly presented to the juries. Some research into the organizers of the competition can also prove fruitful; you can often find out what they have previously commissioned and begin to understand their priorities in terms of design approach and programmatic needs. More information on how to do this can be found in the cookie policy. We knew that we were on the right track (at least in terms of the presentation) when someone who had no previous knowledge of our work immediately understood it upon seeing early draft of the panels. With complex designs such as those presented, it’s always a good idea to present clearly, the functional layout as well as a feasible structural design. Quite often there will be pointers or clues contained within the descriptive texts that will resonate with the jury if repeated back to them in addition to specific questions. Relating to the purpose of your intended building and finding a way to manipulate it into something communicative and attractive will ensure that your concept will be appreciated by the judges as well as the public. What if this mechanism were to be used to easily transport it from one place to another? All great reasons, and you’re not just limited to one, but it’s important to keep your overall goals in mind. First place was awarded to Yong Ju Lee for his project ‘Vernacular Versatility’ which reinterprets traditional Korean architecture in a contemporary mixed-use high rise. If you throw too much out there, you risk weakening the impact of what you worked on and ultimately diluting it. There really should be no limit to creativity in such competitions, and with the wide variety out there, the possibilities for continuous learning and skill improvement are infinite. Do you want to win Architecture Competitions?, then this post is for you…. Follow the brief, but work to exceed it. Research into the organisers would help in this aspect, as it will inform you further on what they’re really after as well as their approach in design. Also, when having a look at the designs, no one can argue its direct aesthetic appeal. Jørn Utzon’s proposal for the Sydney Opera House is a classic example: his practice beat 232 other entrants for the job, as the jury’s imagination was captured by the joyous display of expressionism. One final thought – when it comes to presentation methods it’s probably best to not get too obsessed with the tools you use. Jørn Utzon was a young and relatively unknown architect before his proposal beat 232 other entrants for the job. Architecture competitions are a great opportunity to supplement your professional or educational experience, but they can also be a welcome departure from your day-to-day work. On the other hand, it is a great progress indicator, which helps you avoid wasting time on unnecessary work as the deadline approaches.

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