Weevil then taunts Chili, who chases after him. This site does contain affiliate links. ", appears. Then the different seating areas are separated by these plexi-glass dividers. At Disney California Adventure, the Bug's Life theater was located in A Bug's Land. Then, jungle music begins to play, and a Mexican red knee tarantula (referred to as a Chilean rose tarantula in the show) named Chili makes his appearance, surprising Flik. The idea is that you've entered a bug's life. It's Tough to be a Bug! The announcer then tells the audience to gather up their personal belongings and take their "small grubs" by their "grubby little hands" as they exit. the latest spin on all things Walt Disney World, WDWspin » Animal Kingdom » Attractions » Tough to be a Bug. You might also be interested in these child-friendly attractions: Your email address will not be published. Bees, dung beetles (The Dung Brothers), dragonflies and other bugs sing about how insects help humans and about how "it's tough to be a bug". Flik next introduces a stink bug named Claire de Room, who walks onto the stage. You can really tell when they all start moving and fly away. This attraction does offer FastPass, but in most cases can easily be experienced anytime without one. Your email address will not be published. goes I feel like it's a great place to take a break. Flik the ant, in audio-animatronic form from the ceiling, welcomes the audience and tells them to put on their bug eyes (3D glasses). As far as this actual attraction goes you enter the queue on the right side of the Tree of Life before the bridge to Asia. As far as It's Tough to be a Bug! Flik reappears and says that he forgot to mention the reptiles, which segues into the finale. The screen is covered with beautiful butterflies at the beginning. The bugs start to talk all at once as they exit (which triggers hidden rubber wheels to roll at the bottom of the seats). But unfortunately, the show does feel pretty dated. The only usual wait time is for the next show to begin. You'll walk down toward the tree and eventually make your way underneath the area. Flik, an ant from A Bug's Life, hosts the show and educates the audience on why bugs should be considered friends. There will be a sign out front indicating the specific area. It was the first Pixar attraction to open in a Disney park. For more information visit our privacy policy. Right now everyone waiting stands on their own dot outside the theater. Don't forget it's a 3D type movie (glasses are provided) with a few interactive elements and animatronics. The next guest is a soldier termite who defends his mound by spraying intruders with acid. The acorn weevils place a flower as a target. The show begins with butterflies formed as curtains flying away. Well off the beaten path, It's Tough to be a Bug is located at the Discovery Island Trails area under the base of the Tree of Life. [1], At Disney's Animal Kingdom, the Tree of Life theater is located inside the Tree of Life. The attraction opened in Disney's Animal Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort on April 22, 1998, a full seven months before the actual feature debuted in theaters. This site is not affiliated with TWDWC or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries. You are about to be redirected to a Disney Website presented in a different language. Hopper thinks that it's time for humans to have a taste of their own medicine, and a giant fly swatter attempts to flatten the audience. When I'm not in the parks, you might find me volunteering at my local Habitat for Humanity or spending time with my family. is a theater-based 3D attraction located underneath the base of the Tree of Life at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Weevil re-enters the scene and crashes into the flower, causing it to move towards the audience. The only usual wait time is for the next show to begin. Here's a look at the quick reference details for this attraction. Traveling to Walt Disney World is my passion, and I'm happy to be able to share it with you here! An explosion is heard as Hopper, a grasshopper, in audio-animatronic form, appears. And that's okay because not everything in a theme park has to be action-packed or mesmerizing. A piece of the set (wood) falls with a rumble and the "Termitnator" steps out. The show's score was composed and conducted by Bruce Broughton, while much of the queue music was arranged by George Wilkins. This area is one of my favorite places in the Animal Kingdom. Chili shoots the first acorn with a quill but fails to shoot the second due to Weevil holding on to it. Hi, I'm Amber the owner of this website and author of "So You Haven't Been to Walt Disney World in 5 Years? As the queue winds around the tree, visitors can glimpse animal carvings on the tree that aren't visible from other vantage points. This attraction does offer FastPass, but in most cases can easily be experienced anytime without one. Experience ‘a bug’s life’ at It’s Tough to be a Bug!, a 3D film and live show, in Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park at Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando, Florida. [2] A second version of the attraction debuted at the opening of Disney California Adventure on February 8, 2001. Visual effects studio Rhythm and Hues was brought in to produce the 3-D animated portion of the show, while Disney special effects teams created the rest of the experience, including animatronic characters, wind, water, and foul smells.[5][6]. The title card, a leaf that says "It's tough to be a bug! It's Tough to be a Bug! And Everything Else You Need to Know! " Hopper, who is scared of the chameleon, flees. It's also something that smaller children often enjoy. When the next show opens you'll be directed into a theater. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. There, the queue passed through a replica of Ant Island before heading underground, where the queue appeared the same as the one at Disney's Animal Kingdom. is a theater-based 3D attraction located underneath the base of the Tree of Life at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Now on the other hand, if for some reason you are terrified of bugs you might not like this attraction.

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