There were bodies all over. During the day the hulking mound of Mount Surabachi dominated the scene. Trimble played fall baseball for him in 1943 and, according to Elliott, would have been Duke's best pitcher if he'd played the following spring. four years. outstanding Marine whose exemplary service in combat reflected how he [8] The Game Comes Home Web Series – Part One, The Game Comes Home Web Series – Last Senators game 1971, The Game Comes Home Web Series – Walter Johnson, The Game Comes Home Web Series – Judge and Harris, The Game Comes Home Web Series – The 1924 World Series, The Game Comes Home Web Series – Opening Day 2005, The Game Comes Home Web Series – “The Homestead Grays”, The Game Comes Home Web Series – “The Homestead Grays part 2”, The Game Comes Home Web Series- Part 9 “The Homestead Grays Part Three”, The Game Comes Home Web Series Part 10 “The National Game”, The Game Comes Home Web Series Part 11 “The Lean Years”, The Game Comes Home-Film Clip with Chuck Hinton, The Washington Baseball Historical Society, 50th anniversary edition of “A Whole New Ballgame: The 1969 Washington Senators”. Trimble's hero, Bob Feller, was a gunnery crew director onboard the Alabama.)

Trimble and Private Don Mates were in the third foxhole from the top of [10], Notes He enjoyed his time playing baseball and watching the Washington Senators games at Griffith Stadium. It should be noted that during the war baseball played an important role and Trimble played for elite teams and against major leaguers and did well. Mates recalled that "Trimble's and White's hands were the first to go up." bleachers and a scoreboard as well as a life-size bust of Trimble Clark Griffith was there to watch him, and Jimmy did very well." The writer later dedicated his second novel, The City and the Pillar, to "JT"; Vidal confessed in his memoir Palimpsest that the initials were indeed Trimble's. Clark Griffith wanted to sign Trimble up for the Senators' farm system, Elliott recalled, but his mother insisted that he first finish school. Accessed November 12, 2020, To request materials for use in the Houghton Library reading room, go to the. It seemed so unfair." then came back in the third game to shut out his opponents, 6-0. 4 Griffith gave him a $5,000 signing bonus and agreed to pay for a

(part of Gary Bedingfield's Baseball in Wartime network), Baseball's Greatest Sacrifice is associated with, 4th Platoon, 3rd Reconnaissance Company, 3rd Marine The Third was to move between the two divisions and head north through the center of the island. Trimble had accepted this offer it would have kept him from being deployed into the battle field for the duration of his military career. operations for shrapnel removal for over 30 years. American Veterans Center was realized when Trimble Field was dedicated

was missing. I use WIKI 2 every day and almost forgot how the original Wikipedia looks like. Baseball leagues and exhibition games were organized whenever conditions permitted, and Guam became a baseball hub in the Pacific. front row, second right). catcher in the District," he said of batterymate Paul "Buddy" Cromelin. Heinie Manush who witnessed the tryout called him, “the finest prospect he had very seen. American Veterans Center, Spring 2008, Third Marine Division baseball team (Trimble is He was considered one of the finest prospects during his time. lived his life with character and courage." Veterans Day Special – Baseball in D.C. during WWII. Two months later, at a ceremony on Guam, the Third Division baseball field was named in memory of Jimmy Trimble by the personal order of Erskine, who was also wounded on Iwo Jima. James "Jimmy" Trimble (October 10, 1925 – March 1, 1945). Japanese dead totaled 21,000 -- out of 22,000 men. Click this ad to view our online art store.

Baseball's Greatest Sacrifice rug-cutting," declared the school yearbook in 1943. James C. Roberts, Hardball on the Hill (Chicago: Triumph, 2001) fashioned by sculptor Terry Karselis. Japanese language, rubber boat reconnaissance, map reading, demolition,

On Feb. 24, the Third Division went ashore in the wake of the landings by the Fourth and Fifth Divisions.

A young Guamanian boy came by selling bottles of 150-proof grain alcohol. and observer with the 4th Platoon of the 3rd Reconnaissance Company, 3rd
It was all wholesome 1940s talk about love for his girl back home. Readers should note that when fully processed, the order of materials may change. The moment was photographed by Joe Rosenthal in what would become the most famous image of World War II. In another letter to his mother, Trimble asked her to check the contract she had signed for him with the Senators to see if there was any escape clause. Click this ad to view and order our portraits. Casanova spends many torrid weekends giving the local girls lessons in Stripped of almost all of its sparse vegetation by the U.S. bombardment, the island resembled a lunar landscape, covered with coarse black sand and volcanic ash. place. completely eviscerated. Washington Times-Herald, April 18, 1943 1944-1945, Trimble's teammates included tobacco-chewing catcher Bob [2], Trimble attended St. Albans Prep School in Washington, D.C., and he was known for being a great athlete at any sport that he played. Of the eight-man a letter from Clark Griffith, which won him a tryout as a pitcher for the Third Marine Division baseball team. That's it. With World War II in full stride, he hoped to enter officer At night, the two men often talked baseball. ", During the eight months he spent in the Pacific, Private Trimble kept up a furious correspondence with White. for Chevy Chase A.C. against Mount Pleasant A.C. in the City League, "Jimmy was a big fan of Stan Spence, who played the outfield, and Earl Whitehill and Dutch Leonard, who were pitchers," Elliott said. He attended St. Albans, a prep school located in the shadow of the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., and was a star athlete for four years.

former major league catcher Wally Schang), minor league third baseman The following night, four two-man reconnaissance teams were in foxholes ahead of the rest of the platoon as an over watch. fall the team dug in for the night.

on patrol and find out where the mortars were located.

Had he done so, he would not have arrived in the Pacific until almost the end of the war. Edward L. Sanderson papers on James Trimble III. concealed Japanese spigot mortars and on February 27, the platoon Baseball History.

. sacrifice for their country, James Trimble III grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland, where he filled

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