Nozzle is blocked - unscrew, clean and prick the opening in the central outlet with a pin and fit back into place. Little or no steam in the “steam” position. If leakages occur, call the A/espresso Club. This will ensure the hottest coffee for the longest time. Load it up with SUB Kegs, The SUB will keep your beer chilled, pressured and fresh for 15 days. THE SUB® plugs into the power outlet with a 90cm power cable. Two litre kegs can be kept inside the appliance for 15 days after opening, 4 and 5 litre kegs can be kept for 1 month. Nevertheless, once at your destination, it is better to let it rest a few minutes before use. The espresso leaks onto the filter holder sides. Gasket without elasticity, replace it with a new one. Ensure the unit is switched "On" if the Beertender has power but is not dispensing beer. For Krups/Dolce Gusto , please contact: or Telephone: United Kingdom - 0800 707 6066. It is imperative that you let the hot water flow through the spout to lower the temperature of the thermo block. TORPS® are 11cm in diameter, 26.9cm high and weigh 2.1kg. Should I exchange "THE TORP" keg in "THE SUB" product before it is empty? Is THE SUB® battery powered or do you plug it in? They contain advice received directly from the Krups company and are safe even for do-it-yourselfers with no relevant experience. What should I do if the power cord of my appliance is damaged? We recommend that you pre-chill your keg for at least 6 hours in the fridge before installing it in your machine. One the brewing is over, make sure the carafe is sealed properly and can keep heat inside. Preheat the accessories (cups, filter, filter holder). Actual realisation depends on local collection systems and policies in place. Nevertheless, once at your destination, it is better to let it rest a few minutes before use. first year of production sold 1 million of these coffee makers. I have installed the draught beer machine and loaded a keg on it. No, only the model B95 offers three temperature settings of 2, 4 or 6°C. Krups Coffee Maker Manual Troubleshooting Krups makes different kinds of coffee makers and espresso machines. If it still does not work, do not try to dismantle or repair the appliance yourself, instead, take it to an approved repair centre. After transferring his activities to Solingen, Robert Krups (second relative, also bearing this name) and four of his nine children, quickly transform the company into a Do you really want to delete all items from your cart? Position capsule correctly. When there is a TORP® in THE SUB®, it should stay plugged in for keeping the TORP® perfectly chilled and ready for use. Why? View & download of more than 714 Krups PDF user manuals, service manuals, operating guides. Krups 963 Troubleshooting . At this time in the kitchens of Germany for the first time appears small-sized household appliances. NOTE: If you do not contact our Customer Relations Team first you will be required to provide proof of purchase to validate your guarantee or your product will be treated as out of guarantee and any repairs or service … Leave it at a local civic waste collection point. Creation of the famous mixer "3 Mixes". While the SUB makes some noise when powered up, it could be heavier than usual. My product makes noise while cooling a keg; is that normal? Official authorized repair centers trained by Krups will carry out the repair of your product. Is it normal if the first glass drawn from the keg is full of foam? Is it possible to use the kegs without a machine? The Krups 963 Espresso Machine is well built, but like all devices, it can occasionally encounter problems. by selecting your country from the list below. The reservoir may be overfilled. Page 19 Problem Possible causes Remedies No beer is being THE SUB has been switched off. Despite the devastation caused by World War II, the third generation of the Krups family (Fritz Krups and Dr. Karl Curner) expect to revive the Why? Make sure you push the TORP® completely to the end of the appliance. First use: fill water tank with warm water (max. How do I know the beer is ready to be served? Do I need a CO2 cartridge to use the machine? Error                                         Mean        Your appliance should be used indoors at a room temperature of between 12°C and 32°C, on a flat, dry surface that is clean and large enough.Do not install the appliance near heat sources or in places that are directly exposed to sunlight. This is perfectly normal.The product will adjust the temperature to keep your beer perfectly chilled.During this process it will make noise. Tighten the filter holder to the group head. If you have come to realize that your Krups coffee maker is not brewing, make sure that the device is on and connected to the mains. This can allow the electronics to reinitialize to factory settings. Get a professional from an Approved Service Center to replace the joint. Krups Canada - for people who will not compromise on taste. Yes, the first glass from the keg contains primarily foam that may be discarded. To avoid any danger, have it replaced by an approved repair centre. Press firmly down on the water tank. Step 2. If the temperature of the room is above 30 °C and the TORP® has not been pre-chilled, it can happen that the light does not turn green. A little condensation is normal; this is connected with the difference in temperature.Dry the refrigeration chamber thoroughly when exchanging kegs. Water tank incor- rectly mounted. Manual will be automatically added to "My Manuals", Kitchen Appliances Krups SANDWICH MAKER FDK4 Series Manual, Kitchen Appliances Krups XL2000 User Manual, Kitchen Appliances Krups Slice/IT 213 A Instruction Book/Warranty, Kitchen Appliances Krups 2550955-02 Instructions Manual, Kitchen Appliances Krups PANINI & GRILL PG70 Series Manual, Kitchen Appliances Krups fde3 User Manual, Kitchen Appliances Krups T.O by Lipton Instruction Manual, Kitchen Appliances Krups FDK1 Instructions Manual, Kitchen Appliances Krups ZX7000 Instructions Manual, Kitchen Appliances Krups COOK 4 ME + Manual, Kitchen Appliances Krups b95 Beertender Manual. THE SUB® is the innovative home tap from HEINEKEN® and Krups®, designed by the highly acclaimed industrial designer Marc Newson. On an annual basis, when THE SUB® is switched on all year, the energy consumption in the "steady state" is approximately 87.6 kWh. You would also risk the keg leaking. If there's room in your fridge, keep a spare keg chilled and ready to use. YES - replace damaged or deformed cup tray NO - replace locking mecha- nism, 4.2 The coffee machine is not working (does not function), YES - continue with point b) NO - replace mains cable, YES - continue with point c) NO - replace on off switch, YES - c) pump works (press a coffee button), YES - continue with point f) NO - continue with point d), YES - continue with point e) NO - replace the entire elec- tronics, YES - e) fine wire fuse (128°C) on the pump is defective, YES - replace fine wire fuse NO - replace pump, YES- 0 fine wire fuse(s) (167°C) on the thermoblock defective, YES - replace entire electronics, if necessary, even replace thermoblock NO - continue with point g), YES - replace the entire elec- tronics NO - replace defective cables, 4.4 Both coffee buttons are blinking 3x fast, YES - replace NTC-tempera- ture sensor NO - replace thermoblock, 5 Measure coffee temperature during preparation, YES - clean or replace NO - continue with point c), YES - replace the compact brewing unit NO - continue with point d), YES - replace NTC-tempera- ture sensor NO - continue with point 6, 6 Check for leakage and measure flow rate, YES - replace the compact brewing unit NO - continue with point 6.2, YES - replace defective hoses and seals NO - continue with point 6.3, 6.3 Rate of flow not in the standard range, NO - no errors found according to checklist, for more information please contact Nespresso Service Division. fill level. Use a fine needle to remove any dirt, limescale and rinse under clear water. The knob is in the “Espresso” position (b2). Please select a category or sub-category by clicking on one of the images below. At the peak of the 30-year postwar boom in the world, an unprecedented period of growing prosperity is observed. Do I have to wait until the temperature indicator turns green before I pour? If your machine needs further repair, find an approved Krups service center. Use the spoon provided to measure out the coffee. Possible reasons are:• The beer tube is not fully inserted in the keg.• The beer tube is not well placed inside the tap head of the appliance.• The beer tube is pinched.• The keg is empty. Can I put my keg in the freezer to speed up chilling? Yes. Tear excess paper from pod at perforated edge. How many servings of beer does the keg hold? If you do not have any, add some vinegar (about 8 ounces) to the water reservoir. Stop the function immediately or switch the machine off. During the 1970s and 1980s, a new Krups logo of red-orange color appeared. If you've got a keg in your appliance it needs to be kept switched on to maintain the correct pressure.                               Recommendations, Distributor does not work       Replacement of distributor, Error 5 Blocked water circuit (water meter, pump, distributor, distributor motor, microswitch)   Contact CoffeeService, Error 6         Leakage of water in the pallet            Replacement of the Distributor. The filter holder is not mounted correctly or has not been tightened sufficiently. Snap the beer valve in its position in the tap head. Consult the user manual to find specific operation tips and problem-solving steps for your particular model. Repair Centre; FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. Can I adjust the temperature of the drink? For best results we recommend that you pre-heat your therm with HOT water just prior to brewing. TORPS®, skimmers, and other accessories are sold separately. If the temperature of the room is above 30 °C and the TORP® has not been pre-chilled, it can happen that the light does not turn green. Change water. Should I temporarily store a tapped keg in my refrigerator? Like all other beer kegs, do not allow the kegs to be exposed to temperatures exceeding 30 degrees. Repair guides are linked where more common solutions are required. Use the quantity indicated in the instructions. We recommend unplugging THE SUB® when it doesn't have a TORP® installed. What are the guarantee conditions of my appliance? Please go to the “Accessories” section of the website to easily find whatever you need for your product. This means the home temperature is 20-22°C, the TORP® is pre-chilled to 2°C, and THE SUB® is not pouring. Your appliance contains valuable materials which can be recovered or recycled. Problems often occur due to scaled parts. Only the kegs on the websites (for 2-litre kegs) and (for 4 and 5-litre kegs) are compatible with our machines. Yes, they're made of PET (2 & 4 litres) or of steel (5 litres) which is widely recycled in most places. Coffee Maker, Toaster user manuals, operating guides & specifications Step 1. To avoid overflow, add one tablespoonful of coffee per cup. Check to ensure the appliance is plugged into a working outlet, and the appliance is in the «ON» position. The reservoir may be overfilled. Shop for Krups Beer Dispenser parts today. To descale a coffee maker, use an appropriate descaling solution. This noise corresponds to the activation of a pump for pressurising the keg. We don't recommend it. Check the mains, plug, voltage, and fuse. Wait 1 minute and reconnect. Then empty the carafe and start brewing. The troubleshooting advice below will be of great help if your Krups coffee maker gets out of hand. With the owner of the forge Joshua Kortz worked several of his friends, including nephew Turn the knob to the “Espresso” position (b2). company once again with only 30 employees. The beer is guaranteed to stay fresh for 15 days if "THE SUB" product is in operation.

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