1) The Government must commit to supporting international students and temporary residents affected by the economic shutdown with the same urgency as Australian citizens, by providing them access to the $550 Coronavirus Supplement.2) Universities must reduce international student fees by 20% for all units which have been transferred online in part or full as a result of COVID-19, and refund 20% of fees already paid on such units.3) The Government must amend VISA conditions and CoE to allow international students to shift to part-time study while impacted by online study and isolation measures.4) Universities must delay the census date by one month, so all institutions can provide international students with enough time to assess their ideal study load under new learning conditions.5) The Government must extend all Subclass 500 Student Visas by 12 months, in recognition of the interruption to international student’s education during this crisis.6) Health Insurers must commit to covering the cost of any COVID-19 related medical expenses under OSHC insurance. Perhaps it’s time we recognised that. It’s becoming like the farce of “Black History” in the USA where they now claim, amongst other utter nonsense: that the first aeroplane was invented and flew in Africa; that Africans had ocean going ship and engaged in trans-Atlantic trade 1000 years before Columbus set sail; that African built the Pyramids; that germ theory and anti-biotics were African inventions and even that William Shakespeare was a black man. Petitioning Sussan Ley, Hon Linda Burney MP, Ms Terri Butler MP. The definition of "bullying" by Bully Zero Australia "is when an individual or group uses its power and strength to repeatedly, deliberately and intentionally use words or actions against another or a group that hurts, threatens, harasses, humilates verbally, psychologically or electronically making the victim feel oppressed, traumatized and powerless". If you are a human, do not fill in this field. I sometime try to imagine just how silent this world would be if bullshit was made a capital crime. We Celebrate 26th together why not NAIDOC week for the whole Nation . Subjects: Indigenous people; Disadvantaged; Equity; Teaching and learning, Keywords: Educationally disadvantaged; Equal opportunity; Access to education and training; Indigenous education, Published: Sydney, New South Wales: NSW Department of Education and Training, 2000. “I know symmetry’s important in this place, but perhaps we could think that once we get constitutional recognition we could add another two flags to this chamber coloured red, gold, black, white, green and blue — the colours and the flags of the two first peoples of this nation.”. Decriminalize the herb known as Cannabis/Marijuana for medical treatment. Petitioning Hon Bill Shorten MP, Hon Mark Butler PM, Hon Tanya Pilbersek MP, Hon Tony Burke MP, Hon Chris Bowen MP, Hon Anthony Albanese MP, Hon Penny Wong MP, Hon Linda Burney MP, Hon Brendan O'Connor, Hon Ma... Petitioning Tony Abbott MP, Anthony Albanese MP, Mr John Alexander OAM MP, Dr Anne Aly MP, Karen Andrews MP, Kevin Andrews MP, Adam Bandt MP, Julia Banks MP, Sharon bird mp, Julie Bishop MP, Chris Bowen MP, An... Petitioning Scott Morrison, Josh Frydenberg, Anthony Albanese, Jim Chalmers, Adam Bandt, Michael McCormack, Barnaby Joyce, Senator Penny Wong, Mathias Cormann, Richard Marles, Kimberley Kitching, Bill Shorten,... Petitioning Scott Morrison, Anthony Albanese, Anne Ruston, Linda Burney, Petitioning Scott Morrison, Ken Wyatt, Gladys Berejiklian, The Hon. They are eminently qualified, look under the tree in any Park, there they are being paid to talk bollocks whilst doing 3/5ths of bugger all. “The chamber I have come from in New South Wales proudly hang the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island flags. By re-enacting some of the long gone grandeur and spectacle of their glory days they will be able to “get closure” which has been so long denied them. This is the dependency mentality that has been planted, fertilised and watered by an endlessly series of fools. The usual rules of the Lower House were relaxed to allow Wiradjuri woman Lynette Riley to sing the Labor MP into the house from the public gallery. We talk about Reconciliation and Close The Gap ( more like Close The Division ) . Can you imagine the uproar from Single Issue Linda if all the indigenous white politicians were sung into the ‘house’. Fast-track Australia to economic recovery and prosperity—expand the CEFC into a national development bank! During her state political career she served as minister in a number of senior portfolios including as Minister for Community Services … None Indigenous employees to use a annual leave day for the same thing in Government jobs . They have never had an original idea.

I’ll bet the Kalgoorlie riot was inspired by those who’ve wrapped themselves up in the “Black Lives Matter” thing from the USA. Linda Burney MP: a representative of all Australians or a single issue crusader? That describes most pollies. However, I look forward to the opportunity to discuss these and other issues our meeting with my Federal MP David Littleproud, as matter of public interest. Why doesn’t the Nation celebrate NAIDOC week where we celebrate the oldest living culture on the planet . As well as supporting clean energy technology, it could invest in water, power, transportation and high-speed rail infrastructure, and in new industries, including through loans to federal, state and local government agencies for desperately needed public projects, and to entrepreneurs to initiate and expand industrial production. Is that not the concept that fosters “tribalism” and is that not what Linda and The Hat are all about? Even “traditional dot painting” was actually invented and taught by a white in the early 1970s. Linda Burney: some people got what they voted for. Previous post: Tim Wilson: elected by stealth, perhaps? Can we live and learn together and all find true love again instead of hate . “Too often these calls to amend the Racial Discrimination Act come from those from whom this kind of discrimination is totally alien,” she said. As expected however, the Legal Team has failed to honour this promise, in spite of serious concerns ecpressed from the Centrelink Liaison Officers who had made an urgent referral for a social worker to contact me.

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