California Road Trip (Part 2) Travelling with a toddler – describe what it’s like taking a child on a plane journey. To be honest, I don’t really remember whether the driver got out of the car and offered some help or not. There are a few videos of him online, doing comedy, being interviewed on TV and so on, and he is very good. So, watch the video in order to see me taking an IELTS speaking test, to learn some of the language I used and also to get feedback from Keith on my performance. Specific exam tasks → IELTS, FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC higher and vantage. You’re reading a book, right? It may come as a surprise to some people, but Spanish language classes are most popular in U.S. college/university campuses. Obviously the worst possible one is a leaked #2 which can be a sort of Armageddon in the underpants, and can be really tricky to deal with in a plane toilet. Normal speech, which is a bit random, contains things like sentences that don’t end, false starts, moments when people talk over each other, moments of humour or spontaneous reactions and tangents in the conversation. I didn’t expect to get emotional, but I did. 7. I also have a premium subscription in which I specifically teach language and give you plenty of pronunciation practice. Then, Antonio or Piotr creates a google document for that episode. Thanks in advance my friend, carry on the good work! Writing is not just sentences, it’s paragraphs and pages. With the app you have the whole archive, some app-only episodes and access to the premium content. We asked her how she feels and she said that she feels a bit dizzy. In fact, paraphrasing really means reading someone’s words, understanding them and then writing the same concepts but using different wording. A conversation with YouTube English teacher Christian Saunders from Canguro English about the realities of learning and teaching English, motivation and goal-setting in language learning, Paul McCartney recording an album in his kitchen and plenty more. They’re not possessives and they’re not contractions of verbs. So I don’t hear from lower-level listeners so much. Thompson, Taylor & Minogue: Victorian Detectives (Part 2) with Amber & Paul, 612. Recently I was thumbing through some books at work. Feelgood Stories of Flirting with Marie Connolly, 682. So I remember reading the book very thoroughly when I was doing my DELTA. British Festivals and Holidays (Part 2), 411. I would also add that it’s important to choose texts which are written in modern style and perhaps about an area that you are particularly interested in. After that, he was awarded a Higher Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults in 2006 from UCL. Language Analysis & more on Keith’s website,—luke-thompson/. It’s like fluency in a way – being able to follow fluid speech without thinking about it too much. Bad memories of some moments when I felt frustrated during my days of being an English teacher at university. There’s no doubt then that listening is really important and is perhaps the first thing you must master when you’re learning the language, followed by speaking. Apostrophes are also used to let us know that some letters have been removed to make contracted forms. In this episode you’re going to hear me talking on my own, which probably means it’s going to be easier to understand and follow what I’m saying than some of the episodes I’ve uploaded recently, because I’ve uploaded some pretty challenging episodes over the last few weeks and months, and years… I try to mix it up a bit, with some challenging ones and some easier ones.

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