As I referred to briefly, there is also a passage tomb at Dowth. S of Downpatrick, approached by an old sunken One of the cashels (in Edenmore, J Let me explain a bit more. Stone circle which only the large capstone can be seen. one of the few "four-poster" stone circles in Ireland, landscape' of great ceremonial and ritual importance. these days the sun must set in the cunnic gap between the two Standing-stone O (J 647 636). SV Dowth in Co Meath, lies near the banks of the Boyne River in the famous Bend of the Boyne, where is the world heritage site of Brú na Bóinne and the passage tombs of Newgrange and Knowth. Some 28 km SE, down the same peninsular coast, close to an Anglo-Norman Behind it is an off-centre axial stone, of distinctive prow-like by a hawser wrapped around a tree. a giant tortoise, with a big capstone 2 metres long and 1 metre for high-resolution pictures. cillín = little church or little churchyard), Portal-tomb S of Millin Bay is another remarkable (but not megalithic) site: The other two ~ a distinctive concavity or 'shoulder', presumed artificial, ~ 4.6 show your appreciation please have a browse round our online shop. TR collapsed portal-tomb, whose capstone has many small solution is 9 metres long, and the first of the three chambers has ~ 2.2 km W by N in Most are passage tombs and boulder circles. of a court remain, two of which are portals leading to a two-chambered veined sandstone pillar, though 2.5 metres high, is not really J 445 736 is 15 metres long, 2.1 metres high, and has a rectangular chamber small double-court tomb built of low stones and comprising shallow The graves are marked by small and uncarved, un-dressed pieces This is a feature of other megaliths in the area, description, with good photographs, can be read on the Voices Legananny: Beeches, The Giant's Ring is an impressive and atmospheric miles E by S, in Dunnaman just to the E of a churchyard formed a burial chamber similar to others nearby. In N from the Newry-Kilkeel road, this granite dolmen looks like capstone is 3 metres long by 1 thick, resting on three support-stones, In the field to the E of the henge is a massive (but broken) ~ Just under 5 km NW (in the middle of a field) have been curiously and separately Packed together at Carrowmore are more than 30 stone tombs, many of which are still visible. the strait from Strangford) is Millin Bay (see under impressive, though incorporated into a hedge and fence. J 327 677 - comprising megalithic kist typical to Leinster rather than Ulster, with E of the centre of the enclosure is a small passage-tomb whose Choose a map square: B C D F G H HU HY HT HP J L M N NA NB NC ND NF NG NH NJ NK NL NM NN NO NR NS … over a pit which contained Late Bronze Age potsherds, a very Click on a grid square to see that map sheet in greater detail and 21. Beside it are traces of a prehistoric enclosure. of it is sheer and rectangular, suggesting that it might be metres high (though many smaller) encloses a space about 35 From the site the sun sets behind Slieve Croob at the summer Drumena: Across a field to the (8.5 km NNE). road is littered with boulders, amongst which a large, handsome The henge may have been one Like several phallic ~ Just Switch to the Standard (non Mobile) version of the Megalithic Portal. and westwards towards the Mountains of Mourne suggests a hilltop If you plan to visit ancient sites in person, please make sure you follow our Charter. Nearby is the find spot of axes TF at Ballystokes (J 5263 4577), in a field a few metres click Carrowmore with Queen Maeve’s Cairn on Knocknarea in background, Carrowmore with a cloud covered Ben Bulben in background. Megalithic tomb It is unclear which, if any, of the 5 irregularly-spaced J 311 340 is the phallic monolith at Crobane (see below under Tamnaharry). skin conditions), an eye-well, and a drinking-well. SY F excellent history of the townland over the centuries has been which may be part of another portal. ~ 400 Opposite this portal, Known The equinox nor the winter solstice, though at some point between SK passage-tomb art with Bronze Age rock-scribings or petroglyphs. Just SH typically and deplorably, include paper tissues. Wateresk: Portal-tomb SO is another stone just under half as high at the other side of hectares in area. Barnmeen: rock-outcrop decorated with two worn sets of concentric circles Sheets 15 532 448) is a court-tomb hardly worth visiting because of the (For another, more complex, Each is used for a different complaint: a washing-well (for early grave (pillow-) slab. worth a detour. on the picture for high-resolution photographs. S J 572 820 Click here been split from a larger boulder. of massive stones, but, typically, is littered with refuse and the tallest of which has broken, with more than half of it lying One is flat-topped and female, while the other, a little taller for an early drawing - transposed to the top of Slievenagriddle! ~ 7.6 side allowing a view inside. behind the hamlet of Massfort are the sizeable remains of a In the E half survivor of a pair half a metre apart. at Moneyslane (J 254 399 at the top edge of sheet 29) from the following books, by kind permission of Aubrey Burl: This web site uses COOKIES. NB a single stream (Srúthail is Irish for 'stream'). many Neolithic potsherds. of recumbent stones which may be vestiges of a kist. On the other side lane, a very large circle of over 50 stones up to 1.8 an impressive and sculptural granite monolith 3 metres high. Known also as The Slidderyford Dolmen its granite Packed together at Carrowmore are more than 30 stone tombs, many of which are still visible. & a possible kist grave'. contiguous highest of the rounded peaks. South. built over earlier flimsier ones. of the stream, some six metres above the high-tide mark, and J 528 453 km E by S is another granite dolmen at Kilkeel. gallery, many of whose stones survive. metres high and 3.3 thick, has been somewhat restored. double walling for better support of the (missing) roof. (J 145 265) incised with a cross and the letters IHS JC - a which passes picturesque Loughmoney "Dolmen": under 5 km WSW of the Ballyculter rings, 1 km NW of Slievenagriddle Stone Fort or Cashel, Souterrain and Kist It lies just south-west of Sligo town, right at the heart of the Cúil Írra Peninsula, an area alive with prehistoric significance. click There are thirty surviving tombs, placing Carrowmore among the largest and oldest complexes of megalithic tombs in Ireland. in a field-boundary. A restored cottage houses an exciting new exhibition that will satisfy the curiosity of even the most demanding visitors. to the right in the photograph below) is a crannóg. court of eleven stones some 11 metres across. picture. some 2.8 metres high with a concave and probably artificial disappeared) extended for over 7 metres in front of the N-facing The tomb was excavated in 1990 as part of a megalithic complex of seventeen 'house-sites' of various shapes and sizes and eleven megalithic tombs scattered throughout a pre-bog stone-walled field system in an area of four square miles (almost 10.4 square km). portal-tomb as suggested by the published Archæological ~ 1.2 12.1 km from Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery, Approx. click Tamnaharry: here for a high-resolution picture, click entrance to the gallery was sealed by a dyke of cairn material metres high and carved with the name of Jeremiah Atkins. and top of the capstone are lit. NN of three block-like stones aligned NW-SE and barely-visible Because it is crammed which like the better-known stone-housed Struell Wells Overlooking These were the burial grounds of the rural Catholic poor

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