J2launch enables schools to manage the web easily, integrating any other digital resources to develop a cloud based curriculum simply. stream j21aunch j2e5 my files O list files shared files drop files here Just2easy Type here to search j2data j2webby j2bloggy j2code 10 file types selected jit5 j20ffice j2blast j 2 write search 16.55 ENG 15/03/2020 J' 10 1M j2e.com my files j2e5 jit5 j20ffice j2blast j2write j2data j2webbY o abrax 16.33 ENG 15/03/2020 j21aunch * Julians-School j2btoggy

We take pride in being friendly and approachable, contact us today. “Having invested in both the JIT5 tools for Foundation and KS1 and J2e5 for KS2, 3 and 4 we know we have a comprehensive selection of innovative online tools that can be used in a wide variety of contexts to suit many different aspects of the curriculum.”. j2blast, Launch your curriculum. <> My.uso.im J2webby J2e5 (similar to word) Accessible through my.uso.im (Only work produced in this program or JiT can be blogged) Londonmail Accessible through London Grid for Learning.

in USO . Included in the Tool Suite are a range of ICT cross curriculum tools, including a secure online file store, desktop publishing tool, stop frame animation, voting, e-safe blogging, website and file distribution system, available to everyone at home and at school.

%PDF-1.5 JIT, A complete set of online tools for reception and KS1. Finally, type its title and make sure you've selected blog 66 from the dropdown menu. The software is intuitive to use and needs very little teaching, the children are enthused and experiment to see what happens.” Barbara Jones, ICT Co-ordinator. Read the instructions carefully. Download Open in Office Online. Blog Posts will need to be moderated by the class teacher “J2e5 has been the answer to our prayers. Then, click j2e5. 883132425. J2e5-Sharing Images.docx. In non narrative writing use simple organisational devices.

endobj This can be used as an effective e-portfolio for the whole school. 4 0 obj �D��Q�C��Pv�}�(�D� �����ё� t� ��u ���Y J�G,�r"d�?��A�U��H�y�C �a��m�;�S��|9ǭ�[�2�׏��v_A�}��Vo3�[)�I(O��>���F؃�3`3^�PI�NqƐ��a8#z C�L@6��8�afQqN����I{�������������/,������/�� ���kg�����m��E���I��`���������c�E��n.%~9X((G=_O��;�E�@,_��O�.=���#dUS�D~�?��)*���HB�D�u�������Z�,ˉ��捠������洅�h��yT�"�2�9��׋�Cq@-$&Jc��@.����[�� ����ț�"o�. Part of the Tool Suite (2019 BETT Award WINNER). 3 0 obj 04269194 VAT reg no.

Press publish to j2Webby Instructions to view USO blog First, go to USO Login at my.uso.im/SBSP

W -�"��%�[9�K4O �+N��Ғ@.���D��1�ZA2`,;� jבc�^���@8���oF��x?C�����xK9�1�90j���7���� N���Vg��Sm���3�6�*F�d�5�������oc.��w��x��j)�=�F�v-�Z�߽��G��~�h)f΢�bX�.͆�D�>i ��KCA We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Any time, any where! x��Ym��F�)�a?U6˾�H��ҩ�=�B�������r�?�3��^'�zA)\�ٙٙg���#�ޒ�ϟ]_����/��WW���z��'N��L��O�'�r"��\�,���_��Ǐ7����]U�bs$������o�OE�x��K_�_��`����Z�En~Y�^�)4h.������d���+B"����b��2I��T�}"�w��:�-C�L�J�z�VT["��N�z�B�vU���~���*uA>���F�+)m� ���쫻��G\��O�TauOB�w���r�;�w�SU`6cI�ig�tC璇Vy�P�j��O'2!4�YJLB �ea�N+^P�� �Pb5� C�O(ю�,O8Kh�����'�@~T��D� ��=.��p��� We are passionate about what we do, delivering the latest technology to improve learning outcomes. If this option exists, Select ‘go to homework’ to take you to worksheets or activities. Using the Launch Library the user can create a launch button for any web application or site from the list of existing buttons or by creating a new one. 4 0 obj Nominated Contacts in each school are able to do this by going to the Settings tab.

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