Based on the very popular the Outremer 45, the 4X has been optimized while maintaining Outremer’s core principles of speed, comfort and safety.

With Outremer’s sister company Gunboat just across the road, they borrowed some GB technology and even installed thermo-formed foam sandwich construction which in effect, removes excess resin from an already optimised resin infused layup process. The 4X’s SA/D is a bit more tame than the other two multis. The team at La Grande Motte seem to have nailed that difficult balance between speed, feel and safety on this boat- she has an exceptionally smooth ride and cracks along even when you are over reefed and playing safe. Doug previously owned an Outremer 5X (60ft) that he sailed throughout the Med and before that a Catana 471 which he and his young family sailed from Australia extensively through Asia. DESIGN – INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR The Outremer 45 is a product of architecture by Barreau-Neuman, style by Partick Le Quement and interior design by Darnet Design. So how do you achieve efficient sailing in light winds with a comfortable cruising platform? I like boats of all kinds when they show good attention to design. For reaching there is a Code D furling gennaker and downwind a 120sqm symmetrical spinnaker with a sock. While the Balance 620’s transom is well clear of the DWL, the Outremer’s transom is immersed. One such option is teak wood finishing, which gives Outremer 45 a gorgeous look. This may partially account for the higher D/L as the drawing may show the boat in a cruising condition load trim.

All this translates into pure sailing pleasure. What emergency notification system should I carry? We catch up with new 4X owner, Doug Hibberd, who just took delivery of his new boat that recently arrived in Australia who intends to go cruising around Australia and the South Pacific with his family on board the Outremer 4X Puffin to ask these very questions and understand why he ended up with a 4X. As we are talking Outremer’s performance boat. Innovation in Design The Outremer 4X catamaran has. Sailing such a …

Winches at helm with main halyard, genoa sheets and reef sheets. The strength and power lent through the refinement of its predecessor Outremer 49’s technical features and the sleek elegance provided by Franck Darnet’s interior design, led to the Outremer 51 being a best-selling pinnacle of offshore sailing. Further to this there is a third winch which is also electric with a neat foot pedal remote control to furl in the genoa, essentially making the boat singled handed to operate. Despite being a 51-footer, it, The main objective of the Outremer 49 catamaran is to provide a prime seaworthy performance. Loïck Peyron (the 2012 Jules Verne Trophy winner) was employed as a consultant to help with the development.

The 4X like the other modern Outremer designs features a sleek European interior design which is not only classy but also practical.

Im considering ordering a Outremer 45. Afterall going cruising wasn’t meant to be in a rush right?

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Complete list of options. From a carbon rotating mast, bulkheads, rudders and daggerboards, down to the small things like the handrail grips on the deck. But unlike other high performance cats on the market, this boat is a true production cat, with factory warranty and backup via an international network of dealers, high resale value and a 35 year heritage of building boats. First launched in 2015 and still in production, Outremer 45 is designed for sustained offshore cruising for extended periods of time – much like its predecessors Outremer 51 and Outremer 5X. Read our Gunboat 68 review to get a good idea of how advanced these guys are in the art of performance catamaran cruising. Outremer 4X. I think it’s accurate to say that the Gunboat fleet of very fast cruising cats opened up a new market for catamaran lovers. A lot of thought has been put into reducing the weight of the 4X, allowing for extra speed under sail and economy under motor. The nav station faces forward to give you good visibility. In some charter markets the cats are dominating now.

Another great boat winning this year's award. If you would like any more information on the Outremer 4X please fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Of course, with this in mind it´s important that you don´t overload her. In the starboard side, there is one double berth aft and a decent sized head forward. ; Water 108 gal. For planning. The Outremer 55’ catamaran is easy to handle, short-handed or alone. For further information on Doug’s Outremer 4X, be sure to follow his online blog at Outremer achieves its idea of comfort not by extravagant living spaces but by specific designing details that make the catamaran a nimble delight on the sea. In the salon of both, there is the galley to Starboard facing aft with a nav station forward. It´s identical to the Outremer 45. The 4X cruises at 5- 6 knots under power at 2,200 RPM through one of her 30HP engines. In the owner’s version there are two cabins in the port hull with a shared head and shower.

Outremer offers different options to the owners to truly customize the look of the interior according to their wishes. Voiles et Voiliers, France: The Outremer 4X is not only the European multihull of the year, but also a luxury yacht, fast and elegant. The result of all of this is a cutting edge catamaran design capable of being raced competitively or blue water cruised. Outremer 4X is the performance version of the Outremer 45. Production catamaran with customizable interior options should appeal to many. On deck the main helm with wheel is located on the port side with an electric winch for the main halyard, main sheet and a secondary manual winch to trim the genoa and add reefs all from the helm. Outremer catamarans range in price with Outremer 5Xs going for 2M+ and older, used Outremer 40s for as low as $225,000+. There is a single helm on the coachroof (port side) and tillers aft where you can steer sat on the famous bucket seats at the stern. The saloon table comfortably seats six people. The rig is all carbon. A 3- and a 4-cabin version are available as expansion options, further customizations are possible, e.g.

Get the most out of your advertising with MHW we can help you with your products.. Multihull World Magazine is an Australian-based specialist publication devoted exclusively to multihull enthusiasts. OUTREMER 4X Guided and Commented Tour Video in English is presented by Matthieu by Outremer Yachting. She comes with a genoa as standard instead of a self-tacking jib. It’s 23.9 so it’s not low but neither is it blistering high. This could have something to do with why the rudders are so far forward.

DESIGN – INTERIOR & EXTERIOR The Outremer 5X is a result of the coming together of recognized designers and builders. Although well beyond an average sailor’s price range, the 5X catamaran is worth its hefty price tag. The 4X is designed to be lived aboard – but the X stands for performance, so the hulls are 3 ft longer (more stability), she has an tweaked deck layout, and a carbon rotating mast (the rotating bit is an option) plus carbon reinforcement to reduce the weight. Loick Peyron had input on the Outremer 4X design. What’s the hurry anyway? I’ll wait. This means having a light displacement boat, with a carbon tiller and a large sail area. A large genoa replaces the self-tacking jib in lighter wind conditions and the double sheet system allows you to trim the mainsail from either side. and the construction of the Outremer 55, extensive studies were carried out on the selection of materials with low environmental impact (e.g. Developed in association with Loïck Peyron, the Outremer 4X was unveiled at the International Multihull Show at La Grande Motte in the South of France last April. Outremer 4X is the performance version of the Outremer 45. There´s also a neat little chute that empties into the sea for organic waste/fish food when you are offshore. As we are talking Outremer’s performance boat. The Outremer 51 has been built specifically with performance and speed as the top priority and easily out. If you are looking for the fastest long distance cruiser on the market, the 4X could be it: a super smooth, fast performance cruising catamaran that is built to last. We are heading out for Puffin’s first sail since it arrived in Australia after being shipped from Genoa in Italy, after a couple of months sailing around the Med on its shake down cruise. The rudders are quite far forward in this design and there is a small skeg protecting the saildrive unit. This same winch also helps with trimming the spinnaker or Code D, plus raises the daggerboards which help with upwind pointing and can be raised to reduce downwind drag. The light displacement is achieved by using carbon fibre through the bulkheads, saloon roof, and a carbon mast amongst other weight savings here and there. Why is it scooped out like that? It’s based on the same hulls, but it’s longer and quite a bit faster. Born from the popular Outremer 45, she is lighter and faster but still offers the same levels of comfort and safety. People like not heeling. ; Sail area 1,324; SA/D 23.9; D/L 107; L/B 2.06; Auxiliary twin Volvo D1-30; Fuel 88 gal.

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