Until 1922, when British Parliament granted independence to the country (while retaining control of what is to this day the province of Northern Ireland, the inhabitants of which tend to be Protestant rather than Catholic), Joyce's homeland would remain, in effect, a colony of England. Dubliners is somewhat comparable to Picasso's so-called Rose and Blue periods, in which the painter perfected his skills at realistic portrayal with paint before pioneering cubism and other abstract styles. Find the quotes you need to support your essay, or refresh your memory of the book by reading these key quotes. About Dubliners; Character List; Summary and Analysis; The Sisters; An Encounter; Araby; Eveline; After the Race; Two Gallants; The Boarding House; A Little Cloud; Counterparts; Clay; A Painful Case; Ivy Day in the Committee Room; A Mother; Grace; The Dead; Character Analysis; Unnamed Boy (The Sisters," "An Encounter," "Araby")" Gabriel Conroy (The Dead")" James Joyce Biography Though Dublin was a genuinely urban locale, with electric lights and streetcars, competing daily newspapers and even a museum, the city remained fairly unsophisticated at the time when Joyce wrote about it.

What is amazing is that such a relatively immature work succeeds almost without exception.

Each successive story gains in momentum and weight by virtue of following those that came before. Examples of corruption — that is, contamination, deterioration, perversity, and depravity — occur throughout. Like many important artistic works of the early twentieth century (the paintings of Joyce's contemporary Wassily Kandinsky, for instance, or Louis Armstrong's music), Dubliners appears deceptively simple and direct at first, especially compared with James Joyce's later works of fiction: A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man, Ulysses, and Finnegans Wake. Joyce continues here the themes of paralysis and spiritual death begun in "The Sisters." In Dubliners, he does not yet employ the techniques of mimetic narrative (characteristic of A Portrait) or stream-of-consciousness (Ulysses), but he paves the way here for those technical breakthroughs. A heart attack. Quiz.

From the very first story onward, the book is rife with examples, obvious and less so, of the treachery of England and the English, at least in the opinion of Joyce and his characters. Unlike France, Spain, and Italy, Ireland had never been a center of continental culture; unlike England and the Netherlands, it had never been a trade hub. Dublin slang for Protestants. Thus, he skips school one day and sets out for the Pigeon House across Dublin with his friend Mahony. The man quizzes the narrator and Mahony on the books they've read, and then asks them if they have girlfriends. All of this knits the book's many and varied stories together in a web of place, time, and meaning. Joyce and many other Irish saw this era of over 200 years as one of outright occupation by an overtly hostile enemy. from your Reading List will also remove any

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