नयी पोस्ट की अपडेट पाने के लिये ज्वाइन करे, Copyright ©2017-2020 Really thanks sir. And it wouldn’t great for me. की आप उन सबका एक ही बार पठन नहीं कर सकते. Weep wept wept. It is good. Sir,you have done great job.it’s really helpful.thank you so much. Arise arose arisen. ... wonder ka 2nd or 3rd form mistake h please usko theek kr dijiyega. Raunak ko sabse achchha uphar ek pustak ‘parilok ki kahanee ‘ laga. Thanks to share it. Daily Use Hindi to English Sentences SET-2. (Base) 1st (Past) 2nd (Past Participle) 3rd; Act: Acted: Acted: Add: Added: Added: Boast: Boasted: Boasted: Buy: Bought: Bought: Clean: Cleaned: Cleaned: Cry: Cried: Cried: Dance: Danced: Danced: Die: Died: Died: Drag: Dragged: Dragged: Eat: Ate: Eaten: Fly: Flew: Flown: Found: Founded: Founded: Fry: Fried: Fried: Give: Gave: Given: Keep: Kept: Kept: Learn: Learnt: Learnt: Listen: Listened: Listened: Love: … Sit. Thanks from kerala. Hindi ke bare me puch rahe ho to >> Raunak ko “parrilok ki kahanee” yah pustak uphar ke swaroop me kafi accha laga. Nice Job sir की आपको यह लेख काफी पसंद आया होगा. Rushikesh Sonawane. Thanks for contacting us. Sir ji here is 1 mistake, 25 number ke baad 26 nahi aaya!…, But sir, I am very thankful for your great help!. Haan! Oxford Book All Exercise Solution link List page, Oxford Advanced learner's Exercise Solution link List. 1st form = base form, 2nd form = … wonder ka 2nd or 3rd form mistake h please usko theek kr dijiyega. All Verbs list V1,V2 and V3. At last, don’t forget to follow facebook page. To jhahir si baat hai. Daily Use Hindi to English Sentences SET-3. साथ ही आप किसी particular word पर जाने के लिये, Table of Content(अनुक्रमणिका) का इस्तेमाल कर सकते है. Verb forms ( v1, v2, v3, v4, v5 ) link List. इस पहले पेज पर A से लेकर E इन verbs के meaning दिए है. Raju bro, aaj PDF aaj available kel gel aahe. Thank you and love you my south Indian friend. Write wrote written. हे प्रिय पाठको इस वेबसाइट में आपको सभी इंटरनेट, एजुकेशनल के सम्भंदित  जानकारी हिंदी भाषा में प्रदान की जाती है. Hindi was compulsory until 10th still i am not confident to speak. 1st form 2nd 3rd. First thing English meri mother tongue nahi hai. Sat. Sir pdf me upload karoge to achha hoga its not a advise its a request, Sir pdf asti tr br zal ast asel link tr share kra. Verb forms v1,v2,v3,v4,v5 list. आप अगले verbs को पढ़ने के लिये दिए हुए links को follow कीजियेगा. All forms of Verbs ( 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th ) List in details, को दिया गया है । हर Alfabet ( A, B, C......W ) से बनने वाली. Thus before the knowledge of tense - the base of English language - knowledge of three forms of verb - First form of Verb, Second form of Verb and Third form of verb - and its usages is must for any learner of this most used International language. उन सबकी लिंक आपको उपर और नीचे मिलेगी. Daily Use Hindi to English Sentences SET-5. , English sikhne ke liye achhi jankari share ki hai aapne,mera bhi english me hath tang hai,es post se mere ko kafi madad milegi, sir please sent link to download in pdf format Updated:- पहले इस लेख में सिर्फ 400 verbs थे. Synonyms and Antonyms link List Page, click here. Verbs> A – E |F – J | K – O | P – T | U – Z. Tisari chij halla karnaa aur sattebaji karna yah arth galat nahi hai. Nice sir this is one of the best that I got here Thanks for your verbs list , I have started learning English and my teacher said verbs are very important part for English Lerner. But sir when you apload PDF file? these are basic 3 Forms of verb and If you want to. Conclusion – तो चलिए मित्रो, हम उम्मीद करते है. Stay Verb Forms: Check All 1st First, 2nd - Second form of Stay and 3rd - third form of Stay (Past Participle) in english. no..11-. Its very beneficial fr us ..!! Daily Use Hindi to English Sentences SET-6. Wet wet wet. Arise ka Hindi means aapne glat Diya he …plzz check it.. Oh, I am extremely sorry. But now, more interaction is there with our north indian brothers. तो आप इस बात को समझ गये होंगे. wow ye to kafi useful padhane layak content hai.Thank you sir bahut shandar hai. 1300+ Verb Forms List With Hindi Meaning -इस लेख में आपको 1300 से भी ज्यादा verb meaning in Hindi दिये गए है. We are providing here a complete list of verbs along with past tense of verb and its usage.

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