DESIGN CALCULATIONS 4.1. Water System Design Manual DOH Pub 331-123 Revised June 2020. A water supply system is analogous to the human circulatory system. When How to Use the Graphs 27 5. ... An important factor in the design of a public standpost water supply system, is the required maximum discharge capacity (Q ) per standpost. Water Demand and Water Distribution System Design Robert Pitt University of AlabamaUniversity of Alabama Distribution of per capita water demand (Chin 2000 Table 3.5) Future Per Capita Estimates of Water Use Projected Consumption of Water for Various Purposes in the Year 2000 From: Water Supply and Sewerage, Sixth Edition. Components and Parameters 23 4.2. This system consists in a hydro pressure tank filled up by 2/3 of water with 1/3 of air. Excel tool to calculate losses or flow and visualize piezo line in a pipeline with an assistance to add or remove nodes. This report will briefly describe the design requirements and analysis of pipe systems that provide water to the building. ABSTRACT The provision of clean Water Supply is one of the major factors that greatly contribute to the socioeconomic transformation of a country by improving the health thereby increasing life standard and economic productivity of the society. Defining correctly the water demand at the beginning is the most important and sensitive part of the design as it is at the base of all further steps. The complexity of the design of a gravity pipeline is often underestimated. Over sizing might be as bad as under sizing. Tanks are an essential component to balance the difference between the demand and the supply, but they have also other uses. DESIGN DRAWINGS 35 ANNEXES 1. Excel tool to calculate the size of a tank to balance the supply and demand. The attached paper (pdf file) will help you to go through necessary steps according to your specific context and give you advises on which information to collect and how to collect it. A water pump supplies water through primary, secondary, and distributor water mains to supply water … 1) Enter you system specs to find you pump or the opposite. Draft version, surge analysis should be included, No tutorial yet available, but done according to the chapter on pumps of the Part 1. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. The heart pumps blood through the arteries, veins, and capillaries to supply oxygen to all part of the body. Symbols and Abbreviations 67 2. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Excel tool to create and modify demand pattern and summarize it. Chapter 6 Detailed Design of Rural Water Supply Project NIPPON KOEI 6-6 The Detailed Design Study on TAIYO CONSULTANTS the Rural Water Supply Project in Tunisia system avoiding any head loss. Water is necessary for many other purposes, especially showering, washing dishes and clothes than drinking or cooking.

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