Who Is Rebecca? he did not scorn Job's wife.. he created us and understood her feelings.. neither her nor Job knew what was really going on in the heavens.. God later revealed that to Moses.. we today can take away Satan wants to turn everyone he can away from God.. and he gloats that to God.. Proverbs 27:11 God says Be wise my son and make my heart rejoice that I may make a reply to HIM (SATAN) the one who taunts me day and night.. God's universal Sovereignty was called into question by Satan.. can MAN really rule himself.. Myriads of Angels were listening.. document.getElementById('cloak7caf04e36389649ce061babf143acacb').innerHTML = ''; If Job’s friends lived close by, and if the dialogues all took place on the same day, and if God’s revelation occurred immediately following, and if Job’s friends did not delay in making things right, then it’s possible that Job’s suffering would have lasted for eight or nine days. I don't know now what to do. also raised.. CAN YOU IMAGINE that time???? What a blessing this must have been to Job. Ye have heard of the patience of Job, and have seen the end of the Lord; that the Lord is very pitiful, and of tender mercy.”  That verse points out two things in the book of Job:  the patience of Job as an example for us from which we should learn; and that the book is not only about Job, but also about God. I based my Masters Thesis in 1997 on that very idea, that she was portrayed in such a negative light because "barak" has always been translated as "curse" rather than "bless". Job was the light of his home, and faithfully remained with his wife to show her that God is good even if God takes him out. No one wss more willing than me to work on so my wife could have her wish and she knows that. In reply to

Was Job's wife the one who by Jacob, Yes it could be her because there is no mention that his wife left him She could not have been near him but i think she did help him by cooking for him, helped him with water to wash the boils over his body etc I get lost when mention is of the children without Job was too righteous to an extent that he would not pervert from God's ways He would rather choose to forgive than to divorce her. This past week I’ve been looking at the last chapters of the Book of Job. As she served in love of her husband so Job was a strong servant in his faith in god. Job’s wife withstood the heat and stirred the silver allowing the impurity to more quickly rise and be removed. And is that not the hope that Job expressed in chapter 19 when he said, “Though after my skin, worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh I shall see God”? how are things now. that was her answer to her misery in this situation. He was distinguished from the others. The truth that Job’s wife stuck by him is a testimony to her faith. Just love her and forgive her. Enter your email address to follow The Upside Down World and receive new posts by email. Clearly there was, prior to the events in the story, a time when they shared marital bliss evidence by the ten children. That is the number 70 doubled. because he receives what he had before and double the portion due to his faithfulness. It just didn’t mention her, she was the bearer of those children, if I know Jobs heart probabaly understood his wife’s comments, she’s lie God has screwed us over Job give it up, He gave up on us. You know how – you have imagined for yourself creatures more fierce and untameable than any that walks the earth. Rules for Discernment – Particular vs Universal. i believe they did not resurrect but Job had 7 new children. So even though Job must suffer, much as there is suffering throughout history for God’s people, through it all God brings a great good by sending His Son as Redeemer, something that Job did understand would happen, and through that redemption, God brings many sons to glory. “Like” The Upside Down World on Facebook! The book of Job teaches us that, though we cannot always understand the reason for our suffering, we do have a God who can be trusted, who is Lord over all, and who works all things for our good to bring us to that future day of glory and vindication. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

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